A swimming school in Argelès sur Mer

by | Mar 26, 2020

A swimming school at the beach !

A swimming school at the beach ! It is important to know how to swim from the youngest age. It gives your child the opportunity to fully enjoy aquatic activities by the sea. And parents whose children can swim are less worried. Even if your child can swim, always respect safety conditions. To avoid any rick of drowning, your child must be equiped with European standard armbands and be constantly monitored, whether by the sea or at the swimming pool.

Aqua Plage Argelès offers a swimming school at the beach. We have a safe swimming pool of 10m x 10m. Our monitors are all diplomed and got used to work with children from 3.

What do we learn at the swimming school ?

The aquatic initiation allows the child, in a fun way, to feel comfortable and confident in the water. Be splashed without beeing worried, put the head under the water, open the eyes and blow under the water, learn how to float and propel yourself are the essential basics.
The lessons, half an hour during, will teach him how to move thanks to his feet movment, helped by a floating board and armbands. Then, depending on his progression in learning, your child will start training to the different swims, like crawl and the breaststroke.
What about parents waiting ? Well, you will be able to relax on our deckchairs nearby !