Stand up Paddle rental in Argelès sur Mer (66)

by | Mar 26, 2020

Come and test Stand up Paddle at Aqua Plage Argelès. We rent very balanced stand up paddle boards, suitable for beginners, all ages, all sizes and any physical conditions.

What is stand up paddle ?

It is like a surf board, longboard type. We are standing up on the board and move on thanks to a paddle.

How to begin stand up paddle ?

We advise you to rent a stand up paddle board in the morning. The sea is ofter calmer which is easier to find your balance on the board.
Place your paddle perpendicular to the board. Start on your knees in the middle of the board, then gradually get up one leg after the other. The ideal position : legs apart at shoulder height, slightly bent while looking in front of you and being relaxed. Advance by paddling alternately right and left, one hand at the top of the paddle (on top) and the other in the middle.
Falling in the water due to a wrong balance is part of learning ! We advise you to go a bit away from the beach to get enough deep.

Is it hard ?

Not at all ! Stand up Paddle is a water activity easy to improve in. You can practice in all water surfaces (sea, lake, pond, etc), at all ages and whether. As a calm activity, stand up paddle allows muscle strengthening of the whole body, gently.
What are you waiting to test ? We encourage you to come and try this wonderful ecologic aquatic sport with your family or friends.
To get more informations on Stand up Paddle, there is a complete article on
All you need to know to start stand up paddlee

Stand up Paddle board Guard Service

Storing and transporting paddle boards can quickly get complicated. Aqua Plage Argelès offers you the safety of your boards in July and August, in a closed and secure room on site.